The Hebrew Alphabet Conjecture

Is the Torah a divine creation? This question has already been approached by many believers and skeptics, but no definite proof has been found yet. Neither confirming the theory, even though there are many “evidences” argued in many books (like the one presented in this thread), neither repudiating definitively this conjecture.

Hebrew_AlphabetToday, we will not debate about the Torah in its whole, as I don’t feel expert enough to approach it, but we will have a short description about the characters God (if it is so) used to write this book: the hebrew alphabet. You might be wondering what can be so special about these characters to merit a topics as itself? Well, let’s see if I have acquired enough argument to make change your mind…

You might know that hebrew alphabet has different name as Jewish script, square script and block script. As you see, apart for the first one, the others refers to geometry, and I would add, more specifically to the bidimensional and tridimensional view of the square. This might be referring to the fact that most of its characters fits inside or reminds a regular equilateral, but I’d say it is quite curious…

Magen_David_Hebrew_AlphabetAnd it is even stranger that there is no reference to the fact that all of its component can be retrieved from the David’s star, as you can see on the picture to the left. Apart the fact it isn’t so surprising, since the David’s star is a complex form having so many forms in it, that doesn’t really look like a square or a cube isn’t it? So what else do we have? Have you read the book “Beyond the bible code” of Anita Meyer?

The author hypothesise that, nothing less than, the golden ratio (Φ) has been used to generate all the letters. In mathematics, two forms are in “golden ratio” if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. “What is that?” 🙂 Are you familiar with the shell many gastropod, like the snail, have on their back? Yep! This shell is growing following the proportions of the golden ration, as such as most of the natural creations from the galaxies to conch shell. And so, Anita’s book, displays how the golden ratio come out of these letters, comparing them first with a prototype form and then with shell… concluding that beyond doubt, the Hebrew letters have an intelligent design, build from mathematics and following the nature’s law of unit growth.

Now, a girl, on Facebook (which I don’t cite for privacy reason) suggested me to check this old theory of Corrado Malanga suggesting that they could also be extract from the 21 amino acids base. Which, considering these are natural molecules thus they must somehow be connected to the golden ratio, may also make sense. But then you realise that Hebrew letters are the base of the written language , while the amino acids are the base of the live language: amino acids –> proteins –> DNA! That cannot be a coincidence! Tell me what you think?

UK has authorized the manipulation of human embryos

Scientists have been authorized to proceed searching and neutralizing DNA’s genes causing illness, with the objective to lower miscarriage. And generally to investigate how genes anomalies interfere in the normal life development.

Officially this is the second time this is happening in the world but, as many of you probably knows, many scholars of the bible have suggested this kind of manipulation is already described in the genesis. Whereas the objectives were to “accelerate” the development of the homo genus, leading to our current type species Homo sapiens… We won’t discuss this theory here as it is not the point but, since we are already acting directly on our own DNA, even considering all the ethical issues around it, there is certainly no reason why another species (think about the singular cro-magnon for instance) wouldn’t do this their “distant cousin”… what do you think?