Strange mummy of the early Egypt

Even though Egyptian cultural traditions seems to have gradually evolved during the thousands of year of it settlement, leading to abandon of the invasion and caste ruling theory for the majority of scholars, the origins of the civilization may have received strong external impetus.

The Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emery discovered at Saqqara the remains of predynastic individuals with light hair, stocky build, and much higher than the local people. These people, most likely foreigners, would have had strong political and religious authorities implying an abrupt cultural leap in the country around the middle of the fourth millennium B.C.

While Egyptologists seems to dismiss these particular Egyptians, in the Cairo museum some famous illustration were restored so badly that the unusual characters having clear hairs completely disappeared. Peculiarities, as discussed in another post, which are typical of the Cro-Magnons. The Cro-Magnons which also had the specific elongated skulls, strong and, on average, a 185/195 cm high. They reached North Africa, from Europe, became the Berbers, the Kabyles of Algeria and the Guanches of the Canary Islands (these one mummified their dead by burying them in graves surrounded by stones and rings).

DNA tests pointed out that the mummies dating back to more than four thousands years ago, with blond or red hair, stocky stature and clothing made with fabrics similar to those Celtic discoveries have European origins.

Again many retrievals appear to validate the myths, traditions and astronomical records and, more importantly, allow retro-date, in the first half of the ninth millennium BC, ancestors who came from a “sacred island” generating gods…

Out of Africa or Out of Atlantis?

Since Cro Magnon Man was first discovered in 1868, he has presented fundamental puzzles for traditional scientists. Today there is still no solution in sight for the traditional anthropologists.

Cro Magnon Man appeared abruptly in Europe and North America, starting from around 35,000 years ago, lasting to about 12,000 years ago.
The first recognised discovery of a Cro Magnon was in 1868, only 20 years before the Secret Doctrine was written by Madam Blavatsky.

Blavatsky quotes a man of science as saying:

“On the contrary, one of the oldest types, that of the men of the cave of Cro-Magnon, is that of a fine race, tall in stature, large in brain, and on the whole superior to many of the existing races of mankind.”

The scientist is quite right. Skull types are known after the name of the place where they are first discovered and Cro Magnon was discovered in a cave in France. He is still considered by scientists today to be taller and larger brained than the average human living today.

The first puzzle causes these physical characteristics to be not pleasant for the anthropologist. To fit in more gracefully with their theories, Cro Magnon should have been shorter and smaller brained than the average for humans today.

A second and major puzzle for anthropologists is that Cro Magnon man appears to arrive with his culture from no discernible origin. He does not show any discernible development.

His culture was distinctly superior to others around him. This could be seen clearly in the nature of his tools.

His art work was also seen to be superior. He painted those fantastic cave walls that we hear about and his advanced culture does not appear to come from any source that we can identify.

The advanced culture of Cro magnon gives all the appearance of arriving from elsewhere already fully developed. Notice the relatively modern-looking, tailored clothing with sewn arms and legs. Also shoes and a hat!

Cro-Magnon Men are sometimes depicted as clean-shaven, and even playing musical instruments.

These ‘cave men’ also had houses! We do not know what exactly they were made of but we do have the post holes. It’s becoming easier to see by now that the Cro magnon specimen is becoming undesirable from the view point of traditional politically correct science…

Source: Humans Are Free